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Welcome to the Welstand Apparel

Welstand Apparel

​Welstand is a design & manufacturing house that provides end to end supply chain solution to Brands across the globe .We develop apparel for all the ages , genders , locations & style preference by using sustainable means . Welstand was established with the aim to transform the way fashion is created across the globe . By empowering people & Preserving the environment , we create win – win situation by giving way to circular economy . 

We are constantly inspired to tackle challenges with the right mindset and driven to achieve the extraordinary. Our members are striving towards making the experience for our customers as seamless as possible having a design team in Barcelona, London, Spain & Dhaka to create up to date collection for our customers. We are ever present to walk you through the nuances of the apparel business with dedication, support and trust. ​ We are essentially casual. We don’t only dress that way. Casual is our way of life, a deeply rooted mindset. WELSTAND is its people. We are real and approachable. Passionate and down to earth. Diversity comes naturally to us. Quality and honesty. The straightforward, Hanseatic way.

"what makes us



Being part of the apparel industry, we are extremely aware of the tremendous impact the industry has on its environment. We are continuously adapting to newer approaches that respect our planet and have encourage a mindset we live by which is to buy better and wear longer. We create products using sustainable materials and ethical work environments to ensure you are wearing a mindful and quality driven apparel.


There’s no hiding it: The apparel industry has a tremendous impact on the environment. As a brand that plays a role in this, it’s on us to do everything we can to create the styles you love, but do so in a way that still respects our planet. It’s an approach best summed by our mantra: Buy better. Wear longer. We’ll make products that are sourced in better ways, from better materials, crafted at the highest quality and made to be extremely durable. And you? Just keep wearing the products you love for as long as possible.


And look... we haven’t always gotten it right. Becoming a more sustainable clothing industry is important to us, and it’s a work in progress. We’ve made some great strides in some areas and we’re pushing ourselves to do better in others, but we’re in it for the long haul. And we hope you’ll join us.


A Buyer Paradise




We focus on the innovation that make our garment and all other products as durable as ever – materials crafted with thoughtful quality from sourcing to finishing, that help create a bond between you and the products you buy. With our innovation, Well Thread, Water <less ® technology and other production techniques, we’re using less resources and making less waste.


Our philosophy on durability extends beyond just everyday use. Welstand products are made to be worn and designed to get better with age.

"Better Garments, Better Quality Better Choice, Better Planet"

Our Industry Partners




Our Mission

is to continuously exceed customer by strategically driving sustainability, technological advancement & innovative

solution delivered with best talent in industry

Our vision

Our Vision is to be global leader providing end to end supply chain solutions to the fashion industry.

Our values

Our vision is to be a global leader in the fashion industry providing customers with end to ent supply chain solutions. Our mission is to continuously meet and exceed customer expectation by providing them with the tools needed to carry our offers sustainably.

Our believes


Explore a range of products for men, women & kids. We provide a range of high-quality apparel across various fashion categories as a clothing supplier.



We source fabrics & trims from various mills across the gloss majorly Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and China.


Get customized design solution from a network of talented designers worldwide. We combine design & tech to provide proven results as a reliable clothing vendor in the country.


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